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Umami Broth Dashi Powder

UMAMI is known as the savory fifth taste, along with sweetness, sourness, saltiness, & bitterness. Natural Japanese components synergize to boost UMAMI taste.

Organic Gluten-Free 100% Buckwheat Soba Noodles

MUSO From Japan 100% buckwheat soba noodles are gluten-free and crafted with organic buckwheat flour only, no salt added.

Organic Umami Puree

From Japan, Organic Umami Puree is a naturally fermented artisanal sauce made from soy sauce...

Real Wasabi

Real Wasabi

MUSO’s Wasabi is not made with horseradish or dried powder. It is made with genuine Real WASABI from the major production area of authentic wasabi(Wasabi Japonica) in Japan.


Black Garlic Umami Sauce

Crafted in Miyazaki, Japan, by Momiki Inc, this sauce is made by adding naturally-aged black garlic to a base sauce.

Hot Yuzu Sauce "RED"
Yuzu Hot Sauce
Yuzu Essence
Organic Ponzu

Floral Aroma, Pleasant Tartness, And Citrus-Umami Flavor

Organic Sprinkling Furikake

Furikake (Fooree-ka-keh) is a ready-to-use table condiment. From Japan TM, Organic Furikake Flakes use only plant-based ingredients and...

Organic Vegan Ramen

Ready in 4 minutes! Our organic ramen uses non fried ramen noodles made of organic wheat.

Organic Smoke Shoyu

“From Japan” organic smoke shoyu is naturally crafted and smoked using cherry wood chips rather than adding liquid smoke additive.

Vegan Ramen

Ramen Noodles are one of Japan's most popular dishes and recognized as a true Japanese cultural stable.

Instant Miso Soup

Muso Instant Miso Soup is a delicious vegetarian soup with surprising savoriness, made with miso and blended with wakame and green onion.

Organic Umeboshi Puree

Umeboshi, a salt pickled / sun-dried ume plum (Prunus mume) is one of Japan’s most ancient super foods...

Smart Miso!

our Miso paste is a wonderful seasoning, salad dressing and marinade.

Organic Ginger Syrup / Shredded Pickled Ginger

Organic Ginger Syrup is a sweet and spicy syrup, perfect for crafting refreshing drinks and cocktails and hot ginger tea.

Bonito flakes

Our bonito flakes are made from a special grade of smoked and fermented skipjack fish...

Organic "Genmai Life" Brown Rice Crackers

Rice crackers made from whole organic brown rice.

Organic Green Pea Chips / Mungbean Chips

Gluten free, crispy protein-rich and fiber-rich baked bean chips.

Crunchy Rice Crackers

Our From Japan artisan-made Japanese Crunchy Snacks are simply delicious.

Oraganic Japanese Noodles

Japanese style noodles are the highest quality noodles you can find.

Dried Shirataki

Shirataki is a traditional healthy Japanese food made of dried wild yam.

Seaweed Salad ON THE GO

Healthy seaweed salad in a easy-to carry package with a dressing and ready in five minutes .

Sushi Kit

Complete with pre-cooked rice, nori seaweed, seasonings and instructions.

Steamed Bean Snack

Enjoy These Healthy On-the-go Snack!

“Cellarmate” Food Containers

Leak-safe glass containers made in Japan.