Japan Gold USA

About MUSO Group

MUSO, founded on the principles of Macrobiotics, was originally established 30 years ago by Shuzo Okada (the father of Yuko Okada and current president of MUSO Co., Ltd ). Before establishing MUSO, Shuzo Okada had been the director for 20 years of the "Shokuyo Shinsei-kai" (Macrobiotic Association) in Sakai city, Osaka.

MUSO's Mission

From the very beginning, MUSO was founded on Macrobiotic principles, which recognizes that maintaining the natural integrity of our food source is the key to our planetary health. This principle is thoroughly explained in many books throughout the world. MUSO's mission has always been to offer Traditional Japanese food using as much organic ingredients for these products as possible. MUSO's mission is also to source the highest quality organic ingredients for our manufacturers as well.

MUSO's Service & Support

  • Will private Label for clients with minimum label printing of 4,000 pcs. stockable.
  • Consolidates various kind of products at Kobe/Osaka JAPAN.
  • Takes care of the US market at our USA office in San Diego CA, Japan Gold USA, which serves as our sales and logistic trading hub.
  • Curates fine Japanese foods and ingredients from all over Japan.
  • Proposes receptive, flexible, and innovative OEM product development with high standard Japanese manufacturers.
  • Meets product quality standards required from clients around the world.
  • Handles international paperwork necessary for certifications and logistics.