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Japan Gold USA and Muso Group

Japan Gold USA is a division of MUSO in the US. Muso has been an international purveyor of high quality, authentic Japanese foods- MUSO Group originated from the Macrobiotic Association established in 1953 and is a wholesaler specializing in natural and authentic traditional Japanese Foods.

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MUSO Brands are:

Non-GMO, No MSG, No Artificial Additives & Colorings
Manufactured by the most trusted and diligent Japanese artisans & produced in a traditional and authentic way.
Built on Macrobiotic principles and are Vegan.
Certified Organic, Gluten-Free, Kosher, and Non-GMO Verified.
Carefully selected from high quality ingredients and come in bulk sizes for food service and repacking.
Have long shelf life for export business.

*These logos do not represent blanket certification of all products.

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Umami Sauce Black Garlic & Black Garlic Black Sesame

umami sauces

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